Live Ultimate has created skincare that nourishes your body from the outside in with no harmful chemicals, unlike the majority of the skin care industry where there are many toxins which can be so harmful to your health. We went the extra mile to get the EWG Verification which means that there is NO toxins whatsoever. It is so clean that you can even eat it. The skincare industry is really hurting people and unborn babies because the toxins get right into the blood stream. When you buy any product, make sure to read the labels and make sure that it is EWG Verified. There are many labels that don’t disclose all of the ingredients but if it has the EWG Verified symbol on it then you know that is very safe to use on yourself, your kids, pets etc. If you go to https://ewg.org/skindeep.


 Did you know that in 1938 is the last year that congress passed a law regulating the cosmetics industry, it only takes 26 seconds for chemicals in your skin nutrition products to enter your blood stream. There are only 11 ingredients used in skin nutrition and cosmetics are currently banned or restricted by the US food and drug administration. In comparison, the European Union has banned 1328 ingredients that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, or birth defects. “source: campaign for safe cosmetics. 287 harmful chemicals were found in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies linked to skincare and cosmetic products “source; EWG.

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