How to choose a mushroom powder?

There are so many mushroom products coming on the market these days. Mushrooms are the Health Trend of 2021. It is difficult to know which one to choose unless you read your labels and know the difference between them. Some are much cheaper than others and there is a reason for that. The distinction between the mushroom products is if they use the fruiting bodies or the mycelium. The mycelium is the much cheaper and easier rout to go because most of the producers grown it on grain substrate and there is very little to NO nutritional benefits this way. You want the mushrooms grown as nature intended which is on wood logs. This is where you will get all of the health benefits from. The actual mushroom is the fruiting body and mycelium is the underground part of the mushroom. Mycelium is NOT a mushroom. Mycelium will produce a mushroom.  The actual mushroom is the reproductive structure of the mycelium. You want to get a mushroom product that is pure fruiting bodies because this is where all of the nutritional value is. The Mycelium grown on grain substrate will just act as a placebo. Many mushroom products on the market claim to be pure mushrooms but in fact most of them have fillers and are mixed with mycelium and fruiting bodies which is not pure. You really want to buy a products that is pure fruiting bodies with no fillers.


So make sure to read the label before you buy and that it is made up of pure fruiting body. You also want to look for the medicinal compounds which are called Beta-Glucans and look for the the percentage in each serving.


Here is a simple guide to go buy before spending money


1. Read the Label!!!


2. You want a product that is mostly fruiting bodies or all fruiting bodies.


3. Look on the label if it contains the Beta-Glucan content.


4. Make sure they are USDA certified Organic.


5. Buy from a trusted source

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