Do you want to plan a trip and find the best truffles? Well, then you need to narrow down your pics to France, Italy and the Pacific Northwest. Villefranche-du-Perigord in France is the where the world’s most famous black truffles are and they are also known as Diamonds of Perigor. If you want to go truffle hunting than head to the regions of Burgundy and Dordogne.


Truffles are a fungus that grown inside the tree root. They make delicious additions to many foods and can get very expensive. These days there are many orchards but they can also be found in the wild. Finding truffles in the wild could be so much fun!!! They are expensive because it is hard to farm then and they only grown in specific kinds of soils/trees. They are hunted by dogs and pigs because these two animals have a very good sense of smell. The truffle hunter will make sure the dog or pig doesn’t eat them. Some of the most expenses dishes at restaurants contain truffles.


If you want to go Truffle hunting then plan your trip in the winter or summer. There is Summer Truffle Season and Winter Truffle Season. Winter truffles are the more aromatic of the two and are harvested from November til March.  They tend to be at their peak in January. The winter black truffle occurs in Périgord, in the Dorgdogne region. I would suggest booking a tour and you can look at this site.


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