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Welcome to the Daily Mushroom where you will find news on the latest health trend of 2021… Mushrooms!
We will keep you informed on news, events, and anything to do with mushrooms.
I started the Daily Mushroom to help others to live a life of natural health through basic nutrition. Two years ago I came across medicinal mushrooms. They have truly helped me and my family’s health in many ways.
I was lacking energy every day and my mind wasn’t clear. I started adding medicinal mushroom powder into my morning water each day. I saw a difference almost immediately.
My energy was much better and I had more clarity and I started running 19-minute 5k races and winning. Some people close to me even went off of prescription medications. They felt they were harming them and saw a change with the natural medicinal mushrooms.
I became so passionate about sharing my story to help others that I aligned myself with a mushroom company. The same company I was getting my mushroom supplements from. I wanted to be a part of this growing industry and to help educate others on the power of mushrooms.
There are companies using parts of the mushroom to make high-end handbags, building materials and much more.
I look forward to connecting with you and learning about your story.

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Rachelle Ginsberg Shopping for Mushrooms